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Crafted Savvy is the result of many starts, many stops, and just as many stumbling steps along the way. Not all of us are considered the most domesticated homemaker at the bake sale, so Crafted Savvy is here to share adventures and misadventures alike. The approach is to attempt new things with a sense of humor and humility. The goal is to promote doing what you love and loving what you do without the pressure of living up to unattainable standards of perfection; self-imposed or otherwise. Creativity is a passion & a process, that doesn’t always turn out as planned.  Not everyone can handcraft furniture, mix their own cleaning supplies or DIY every Pinterest challenge accepted, on top of balancing family, cleaning house, and looking flawless in the process; It’s okay. Don’t stop trying.

This is dedicated to you…

The average and not-so average.

The graceful and clumsy.

The crafty and the crafty-challenged.

The stay-at-homers and the work-full-timers.

The dreamers and the doers.

The DIYers and Hell-No-I’ll-Just-Pay-Someone-ers.

Whichever group you fall into, we are sure you’ll find something here you love.

Whether you came here directly looking for crafty how-tos or stumbled upon us via Pinterest or some random blog link, we’re sincerely glad you’re here.